Texas Teen Faces Life In Prison Over Pot Brownies

Texas Teen Faces Life In Prison Over Pot Brownies

Drug Charges & Pot Brownies

A nineteen year-old teenager is facing life in prison over brownies laced with marijuana and hash oil he had allegedly baked in April. According to lab results, the teen used 2.5 grams of THC, the main mind-altering ingredient in marijuana, to bake a batch of pot brownies. Due to the use of hash oil, prosecutors can charge him by weight of the brownies, which brings the charges to include manufacturing and possession of 1.5 pounds of a controlled substance.

Hash oil, due to the concentration of THC, falls into the penalty group associated with ecstasy and amphetamines. A separate jar with 145 grams of hash oil was also allegedly at the scene. Cannabis concentrates, such as hash oil, receive stricter punishment in Texas than marijuana. The amount of THC that may have been found in the teenager's apartment is equivalent to two and a half sugar packets found at restaurants.

Two states with legalized recreational marijuana, Washington and Colorado, limit the amount of THC in edible products to 10mg per serving with a maximum of 10 servings in a package.

A Young Teen's Legal Woes

Police searched the young man's apartment in April after a neighbor called to report the smell of marijuana. Police claimed to find the pot brownies packed and ready to sell at $25 a brownie with a client list.

If convicted, the teen is facing between five years and life in prison. A petition to reduce his charges to a misdemeanor was presented to the District Attorney with over 243,000 signatures.

While the debate still continues as to whether or not his charges will be reduced, there is more controversy that surrounds the case. The claim that young man invited the officers into his apartment is contested, which could greatly affect the outcome of the case.

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