Two Teens Accused of Murder to Stand Trial as Adult

Two Teens Accused of Murder to Stand Trial as Adult

In a recent news event written about by the Zendeh Del Law Firm, PLLC, two Wylie teenagers have been accused of murdering a classmate as a way to protect the victim's girlfriend.

As ruled by a judge, the second accused teenager will face trial as an adult. The first teen, accused of strangling a classmate on March 8th, will also be tried as an adult.

How the Ruling Will Affect the Teen

The second teenager is 16 years old. At the adult-certification hearing in front of the judge, his attorney had asked for the teenager to remain in the juvenile system to receive rehabilitation and enter back into society someday.

For juveniles to be tried as adults, the court should consider: the maturity of the child, the child's previous behavioral and disciplinary records, the danger the public faces due to the child, and the likelihood of rehabilitation.

Texas law allows youth as young as 14 to be tried as adults for crimes, however, they are not able to receive the death penalty. The two accused are facing life in prison for first degree murder. If they were not tried as adults, the maximum sentence for the crime would be 40 years in prison.

Wylie High School Students Plan Murder

The two accused and the one murdered teenager were all students at Wylie East High School. The accused are said to have been planning the murder over several days. They used text messages to lure the victim to the place where he thought he would be meeting his girlfriend. The teenager was strangled and brought to a grave that had been prepared some time before the day of his death.

The accused have been described as polite and never having any disciplinary issues. The teenagers eventually approached responding squad cars and admitted to burying a body when confronted.

A psychologist working on the case felt that the accused were attempting to live a fantasy life based off of the television show Dexter, focused on a serial killer that targets criminals. It was noted that the accused's commitment to help others and those in need may have contributed to the event.