Can I Receive SSDI and Veterans Disability?

Can I Receive SSDI and Veterans Disability?

Veterans are eligible to receive both Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Veteran's Disability at the same time. Since VA disability is not based on income, as SSDI is, VA benefits can be acquired even before applying for SSDI. VA disability only takes into account whether or not the injury occurred in connection with military service.

What do I need to know about SSDI and VA disability?

In order to be eligible for SSDI, the applicant must be totally disabled. VA benefits allow for a partial disability to be considered in providing benefits, but SSDI only sees a worker as totally disabled or not disabled. Additionally, SSDI claimants are able to use their own physician in determining their level of disability. VA disability is not determined by the claimants own doctor since they are seen as biased in their opinion.

A veteran can apply for SSDI by:

  • Filling out an application online or in person at a Social Security office
  • Waiting three to four months for an initial decision
  • Having their file assigned to a disability examiner to collect medical records
  • Consulting with a physician or psychologist to approve or deny the claim
  • If approved, they can begin collecting benefits based on their prior wages
  • If denied, they can appeal the decision and get a reconsideration review

Since VA disability can be obtained earlier than SSDI, it can help bolster the SSDI claim. Those VA disability claimants that have a disability rating of 70% or higher will likely be accepted for SSDI since another federal agency has deemed them incapable of full-time work. However, qualifying for SSDI does not make obtaining VA benefits easier since it cannot be proven through SSDI that the disability is connected to military service. If the claimant is seeking additional proof that they suffer a disability, a SSDI claim can provide that evidence.

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