How to Report SSDI Fraud

How to Report SSDI Fraud

For those that are unable to work due to a disability or illness, Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is a valuable resource to help prevent individuals from facing undue hardship as a result. When SSDI is being claimed by those that do not truly need it, less is available to help with the bills and medical expenses of those who do. Additionally, anyone taking advantage of the system so they can avoid working is defrauding the Social Security Administration and the taxpayers that pay into SSDI. This is considered a serious crime and should be reported right away.

What if I suspect SSDI fraud?

If SSDI fraud is suspected, there are actions someone can take to report it. It is important to know that civil and criminal penalties can result from any fraud accusation, and knowing whether or not someone is disabled without the input of a seasoned medical professional is nearly impossible. Additionally, someone that receives SSDI is allowed to work a minimal amount, so someone that is working may not be committing fraud.

Some of the common ways SSDI fraud occurs is through:

  • False or dishonest statements on the disability application
  • Fraudulent, altered, or falsified documents
  • Hiding important information
  • Cashing the checks of a deceased person
  • Misuse of benefits

If any of these are suspected, contacting the Social Security Administration is the first step. This can be done online, through the mail, over the phone, or by sending a fax. Information and details must be included, such as the name of the person committing the fraud, their address, phone number, birth date, and Social Security number. A detailed description of how SSDI fraud is suspected, with any applicable dates or names.

If someone is convicted of SSDI fraud, they can face up to 5 years in jail and $250,000 in fines, as well as civil charges that may result. If you or a loved one have been accused of SSDI fraud, you will need experienced legal counsel to guide you through this process. With nearly 20 years of experience serving Texas residents, The Zendeh Del Law Firm, PLLC can help prove your case and defend you from fraud charges.

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