Carnival Worker Charged With Drug Possession

Carnival Worker Charged With Drug Possession

A carnival worker from Texas was arrested for having crack cocaine shipped to his address inside a doll. The 55-year-old individual was arrested during the Sioux Empire Fair in Sioux Falls after the authorities intercepted his package containing the doll.

The children's toy was stuffed with 37 grams of drugs that are worth more than $3,000 on the street. The carnival worker was foreman of the children's rides at the fair. Police believe that they have even more information against the defendant based on evidence that they discovered in his truck. Another man who picked up the package told authorities that he was running an errand for the defendant.

The defendant's attorney argues that her client never even saw the doll, and therefore can't be held responsible for its contents. Also, the attorney argues that others live in the defendant's truck at certain times, and the drug paraphernalia that was discovered inside the vehicle may not be his.

The individual who smuggled the crack cocaine to the fairgrounds in the doll can also be charged with drug smuggling if he or she is located. If you have been caught in possession of drugs, then you need to hire a hardworking and creative attorney who can effectively pursue defense in hopes of proving your innocence.

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