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Football Star's Wife Wants Divorce Two Weeks After Wedding

Former NFL start Terrell Owens recently married his wife Rachel Snider in a secret ceremony which took place at a courthouse in Newhall, CA. Yet the famed football player has already lost his wife, who has moved out of California and plans to file divorce right away. His new wife reports that her husband only married her for her money. According to Snider's allegations, Owen's married her to get a loan for a $2 million home in Sherman Oaks, CA. She believes that their marriage was a scheme for him to get the credit that he needed to get the loan approved.

The heartbroken woman says that she feels betrayed and heartbroken, and that she really valued the man's love prior to discovering his devious scheme. She says that she had a close friendship with Terrell Owens for five years and choose to marry the man when their relationship developed into something more. Now, she claims that the relationship was based on a lie and that Terrell Owen's only wanted her to in his life to boost his credit.

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