Major Drug Lord Arrested in Mexico

Major Drug Lord Arrested in Mexico

"El Chapo" is arguably the most powerful drug lord in Mexico, and runs a cartel that is a leading supplier of cocaine in the United States. The dangerous figure was arrested at a resort in Mexico this past week, putting a stop to a cartel that facilitate cocaine purchase all throughout Texas and other states.

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration and the Marshals Service were heavily involved in the capture which also involved Mexican marines. The marines burst into the drug lord's high rise at a condominium complex and he was taken without firing a single shot. Intelligence from the Homeland Security Department also assisted in the capture.

Allegedly the drug lord was living in many houses around the Culiacan area. The homes were connected by underground tunnels, and were reinforced with steel to ward off law enforcement. While the authorities saw El Chapo in several of the homes, they could not attack him before their latest attempt because they did not want to threatening the safety of the public.

El Chapo faces many federal drug trafficking indictments in the U.S. He is on the DEA's most wanted list, and his empire stretches from North America to Europe and Australia. His cartel has been involved in the bloody drug war that has affected Mexico and put so many in danger over the last several years.

Currently, individuals are choosing whether to extradite El Chapo to the U.S. He was arrested back in 2001 as well, but escaped from the prison in a laundry truck. If you have been arrested for trafficking or using cocaine, or another serious drug offense, you need to hire a skilled Texas drug defense lawyer at the Zendeh Del Law Firm, PLLC to assist you right away. Call the firm today to get more information.