The Five Month Wait for SSDI

The Five Month Wait for SSDI

If you applied for Social Security Disability Insurance and have been approved, then you are subject to a five month waiting period before your payments will start up. The Social Security Administration has the right to withhold five months of approved claimant's benefits before starting monthly payments or before calculating back payments owed to the claimant.

The five month waiting period will commence on the claimant's onset date of disability. This is the date that the SSA declares that the claimant became disabled based on documents filed with the administration. The beginning of payments will start five months after this date. The date of entitlement is different than the date that the claimant may have filed an application. The onset date cannot be more than 17 months prior to the application date.

There are several exceptions to this five month waiting period. If you are filing for SSI rather than SSDI, than you may be approved to receive disability benefits that are not subject to the five month waiting period., The SSI claimants will be eligible for their first payment on the month after they apply for disability though they may receive the first several months allowances in the firm of back payments if it takes the SSA time to sort things out.

Also, if you were approved for SSDI benefits, and then stopped receiving benefits and are now requesting them again through reinstatement, you may be able to avoid this five month wait period. Also, if you are applying for benefits as the child of a disabled worker, there is no waiting period that applies to your case. If you have questions or concerns about the five month waiting period, then you need to talk with an attorney at the firm today. Contact a SSDI lawyer at the firm today if you would like more information!