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Trailer Stolen in Dallas

A group of young artists that put on anti-bullying shows were shocked when they realized that their trailer was gone. The Teen Nation Tour was scheduled to perform their 90-minute anti-bullying program at Dallas schools when criminals stole the trailer overnight. The trailer had the phrase "Stand and Defend Against Bullying" on the back, making it an ironic crime. The trailer had more than $25,000 worth of equipment inside, including a fog machine, a sound system, lights and props. The trailer was taken from a Best Western parking lot, but the police later located the trailer in Dallas. It was completely empty when discovered.

Companies have come together to assist the teen performers in gathering the equipment that they need to continue their tour. Still, the teenagers are devastated that they have lost all of their brand new, very expensive equipment, and hope that they will be able to replace much of it soon. If you are accused of a theft crime such as this one, you will want a skilled criminal defense lawyer on your side. You deserve to have optimal representation as you work through your case.

Don't hesitate to call the team at the Zendeh Del Law Firm, PLLC if you are looking for a criminal defense lawyer in Plano who can assist you in your theft crimes case. Depending on the value of the items stolen, you may face years in prison. For example, in this incident, the thieves responsible may face very harsh sentences because the equipment that they stole had significant value. In Texas, theft crimes escalate in severity depending on the value of the items that were taken. A criminal defense lawyer can help you to evaluate your situation and determine how you can fight back. Call today to get more information!