Will Inheritance Affect your SSDI Payments?

Will Inheritance Affect your SSDI Payments?

If your loved one passes away and leaves you an inheritance, will this affect your ability to receive disability benefits? If you are an SSDI recipient, it will not generally affect your benefits. SSDI is not a needs-based program, and is not always contingent upon your unearned income. The only income that pay be affected is any wages that you earn through employment.

SSDI is an income supplement, meaning that if you are able to make a living on your own you probably won't be able to accept SSDI. The SSA calls this income SGA or substantial gainful activity. Your monthly payments can be lowered or eliminated when you are gaining too much money through work.

For the year 2014, the SGA limit is set at $1,070 per month. This means that individuals who earn more than this much money in monthly payments may discover that their SSDI is terminated or lowered. If you earn above the SGA, then you need to talk with the SSA right away. If you are receiving SSI or Social Security Income benefits, and have recently inherited funds, then your benefits may be affected.

This is because the SSI program is based specifically on financial needs. Any income, even an inheritance, can affect these benefits. It is important to talk with the SSA if you encounter any chances in your income, due to employment, inheritance, or any other instance. You have up to ten days following the end of the month in which changes occurred to report the change to the SSA. Talk with a skilled SSDI attorney if you want more information about inheritance and you benefits, or if your benefits are threatened due to a special situation and you want to work through this and negotiate with the SSA. It is wisest to have a professional there to represent you when you petition the SSA. Call the Zendeh Del Law Firm, PLLC today to get a skilled attorney on your side!