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Defense for Telephone Scam Accusations

Recently, the Plano Police Department chose to make the public aware of a scam that is going on in the area. Some individuals have been contacting Plano residents and claiming that they represent the police or sheriff's department. Others say that they are from the FBI or the IRS. These devious callers tell their victims that a complaint has been filed against them and that the arrest warrant is currently pending. The victims are told that they owe money related to the investigation against them, and are asked to send the money through a variety of methods.

Oftentimes, the callers request the money by Money Gram, MoneyPak, Western Union, or on a gift card. The callers have been known to impersonate real characters on the police force in order to sound more convincing. The Plano Police Department says that all locals should obtain a caller's name and ID# if they receive a call of this nature and should call the agency that the individual is allegedly representing to get confirmation. There are times that these scammers can even fabricate the name of the agency so that it shows up on Caller ID.

If you are caught doing phone scams in order to swindle money from people, then you may need to hire a criminal defense attorney to represent you if you are arrested and are facing a court trial. Telemarketing scams are considered a form of fraud. The Federal Trade Commission is typically responsible for prosecuting fraud of this nature. After the complaint is filed, the FTC investigates the complaint and will determine whether or not a violation as occurred. The FTC will then start adjudication proceedings with the commission itself. Each state has its own telemarketing statutes, so you will want a local Plano criminal defense attorney helping you with your case today. Don't hesitate to call the firm right away to learn more!