Fight Over Cab Fare Leads to Discovery of ID Theft Ring

Fight Over Cab Fare Leads to Discovery of ID Theft Ring

In Dallas, Texas, a dispute over cab fare lead to the discovery of a massive ID theft. Normally, it takes police months to piece together the evidence through meticulous investigations. In this case, a night on the town ended when the men took a cab back to a Dallas hotel. Upon arrival, the cab driver told them the cost of the trip, and the passengers disputed with him. One of the passengers grabbed $40 from the taxi driver and kicked him before rushing into the Le Meridien Hotel across from the Galleria Mall.

The police followed the offender to the hotel, and discovered piles of money and stacks of papers that had stolen Social Security numbers on them. The police quickly identified this as an ID theft ring. The defendants later tried to have the evidence thrown out of their case, claiming that the police came into their hotel room without a proper warrant. Yet a federal judge ruled against them. The ID theft ring gathered millions of dollars in a fast-growing scheme

ID theft is a serious offense that can result in result in years in prison. These Dallas defendants filed false tax returns electronically in order to claim the refunds. They then had the refunds credited to stored value cards of bank accounts that were stolen using these identities. If you have been charged with ID theft in Texas, you will face a felony.

The severity of the felony will depend on how many items were obtained, possessed, or transferred by the defendant. If the number of items was less than five, than the penalty is a state jail felony. This carries a sentence of 180 days to two years in a state prison and a fine of no more than $10,000. If you want more information about this, don't hesitate to contact a Plano criminal defense attorney at the firm right away. With the right attorney there to assist you, you may be able to avoid severe penalties.