New Drug on the Market in Texas

New Drug on the Market in Texas

The Texas DEA says that there is a new drug on the market that is sending individuals in the area to the emergency room with serious side effects. Street dealers are calling this new injectable drug "krokadil" which is a Russian work for "crocodile." The drug is also nicknamed "poor man's heroin" as it gives off some of the same effects as heroin but infects the user with flash lesions. The drug is likened to a crocodile because it turns the users skin a scaly green color similar to that of this water-dwelling reptile.

The Texas DEA reports that "krokadil" was developed in Russia about ten years ago. The product is supposed to be a cheaper form of heroin for those that can afford the high-end products that are often dealt underground in the state. The drug became a public concern after a 17-year-old girl from Houston checked into a hospital after she used the illegal substance. The teen complained of digestive problems, and doctors discovered the fresh skin lesions and diagnosed the drug use.

Officials say that the girl obtained and ingested the drug in Houston. DEA agents are keeping an eye on Texas emergency rooms to detect more users. The DEA says that they have full intent to stop the use of krokadil and protect Texans from using the harmful substance. Researchers who have inspected the drug say that it was created by Russian chemists in a home laboratory and uses the prescription painkiller codeine.

The drug also includes dangers chemicals such as phosphorus and gasoline. Currently, the drug is very popular in Russia. If you have been caught dealing, using, trafficking, or manufacturing this harmful substance in Texas, you can expect to be arrested and brought before the courts. Hire a skilled Texas drug defense lawyer to assist you in your case today!