Study Shows that School Drug Testing is Ineffective

Study Shows that School Drug Testing is Ineffective

A recent study shows that many schools employ drug testing to deter students from using illegal narcotics, but these tests don't necessarily do anything to dissuade teens from lighting up or using. The Counsel and Heal reports that around 20 percent of all high schools in America use drug testing to discourage teenagers from using any illegal substances. Normally, screening is issued to any students who want to participate in sports or who are a part of after-school clubs.

A study on the effectiveness of drug testing was recently published in the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs. Researchers interviewed students and one-third of these high schoolers admitted that they had a drug policy at their school. The researchers discovered that the drug testing did not have the ability to discourage students from trying drugs. Students from schools with drug testing were just as likely to try illegal substances as those who went to schools that had no drug testing.

This drug testing doesn't seem to be helpful in convincing students to steer clear of drugs, the study did discover that a positive learning environment where teachers have relationships with their students and the students are a part of an upbeat and encouraging climate are less about 20 percent less likely to turn to marijuana and 15 percent less likely to smoke cigarettes.

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