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Texas Unemployment Drug Tests Delayed Until February

Come February, any Texans that are applying for unemployment benefits will be required to undergo a new drug screening procedure. Those that prove to have drugs in their system will not be permitted to receive unemployment benefits from the state. Recently, the Texas Workforce Commission announced that it will not be able to start the program on the state's timetable because the United States Labor Department has not set parameters yet. The Workforce Commission is preparing for the testing but is not yet certain which applicants will be tested under this rule.

State legislators last year approved this bill which will require first-time applicants in some professions to receive the drug test. Not all applicants will be test, only some who have filled out a screening questionnaire and have results which indicate the potential of drug use. Those who test positive for drug test after the procedure will not be able to receive benefits for at least one month after their test. The applicant is required to pass a test before he or she is permitted to receive benefits. An applicant may be able to enroll into a treatment program to remain eligible for benefits within a week of receiving notice of failed drug tests.

This is a rehabilitation program which unemployed individuals will have to complete before they can apply again. The state was able to put this policy in place after a federal law acknowledged that states can drug-test certain people that are applying for benefits. Yet the Labor Department has not determined which occupations are affected by this law yet. Until this guideline is released, the state of Texas cannot perform drug test on any applicants. If individuals fail the drug test, they may also be subject to penalties for using illegal narcotics. If you have been arrested for using illegal narcotics after undergoing a drug test, don't hesitate to call a Texas drug defense attorney at the firm today to learn more!