The Disability Determination Process in Texas

The Disability Determination Process in Texas

In Texas, the wait times for an ALJ hearing for Social Security Disability are typically shorter than the rest of the United States. While the disability benefits are provided by the federal government, the application process and the filing is taken care of by the state government. In the state of Texas, your application will be sent to the Texas Department of Assistance and Rehabilitative Services Division for Disability Determination Services.

At this location, a disability specialist will be assigned to your case to determine whether or not you are disabled and deserve to receive the benefits that can replace your income if you are no longer able to work. In Texas, applicants have a higher chance of receiving benefits after filing their initial application than in the rest of the United States.

According to statistics, about 38% of all Texas disability applications are approved the first time around. Nationally, only about 34% of all applicants receive SSDI after their first filing. The processing time for initials SSDI applications in Texas is also four days less than the national average. In Texas, it takes an estimated 85 days for a case to be processed.

If your initial application for SSDI is denied in Texas, then you have the opportunity to file for a disability hearing. Normally, it takes about eight months from the time of the request until the time of the hearing, and in Texas individuals have a 41% chance of receiving the disability benefits that they desire in this second appeal.

Studies show that disability applicants who hire a disability lawyer to represent them at their hearing have a higher probability of receiving the benefits that they desire. If you want more information about this then don't hesitate to hire a Social Security Disability attorney at our firm to assist you in your case!