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What are the Holley Factors in Divorce?

In Texas, the Holley factors govern the majority of all child custody cases. The Holley Factors are factors that were decided upon in the case Holley V. Adams. These factors can be divided up into three broad factors. The court first is required to evaluate a parent's eligibility to have custody of the child based on his or her ability to care for the child. This category factors in how much time the parent has to care for the child and the finances that the parent has. As well, the Holley factors will evaluate the parent's ability to maintain a family relationship.

An estranged father or mother often has less of a chance of obtaining custody than a parent that has been intimately involved in his or her child's life. As well, the court will evaluate parental fitness. This encompasses a wide variety of factors, such as the parent's financial stewardship, the parent's living location, the parent's ability to care for a child, the parent's personality, any disorders that the parent has, and more.

Also, if a parent has past history with substance abuse or alcoholism, this is a significant factor in the evaluation. Whenever you are fighting for custody of your children, you will want to make sure to hire an attorney who can assist you in your case. A Zendeh Del Law Firm, PLLC family attorney may be able to argue in your best interests and help the court to see that you are a trustworthy parent. Don't hesitate to contact the firm today to learn more! With the right lawyer there to assist you, you may be able to get the custody arrangement that you desire and maintain your relationship with the children that you love. Hire a Plano family attorney at the firm today to learn more!