What is Non-Disclosure?

What is Non-Disclosure?

Non-disclosure applies to cases where a defendant requests that his or her deferred adjudication community supervision records be made private. Essentially, a non-disclosure ruling has the ability to make a crime confidential, so that it is not locatable on an individual's record. Expunctions can also take the record of an arrest off of an individual's record. These two tactics can be extremely valuable, specifically if you intend to look for a job. If you want more information about non-disclosure, then you need to talk to a skilled Texas drug defense attorney at the Zendeh Del Law Firm, PLLC.

Orders of nondisclosure are only given to individuals who successfully complete deferred adjudication and community supervision. If the order is granted, the criminal justice agencies will not be allowed to disclose the public criminal history record information related to the offense that has been committed. The criminal record information will also be excepted from required disclosure under the Public Information Act.

Our firm has a 100% success rate when working on non-disclosures and expunctions. Our attorneys are convincing and aggressive, which is why they are capable of motivating courts to remove records that are harming to the defendant's reputation from their record. Not all crimes are eligible for non-disclosure. If you suspect that you have committed a crime that may be erasable by non-disclosure after your trial and deferred adjudication, hire the Zendeh Del Law Firm to represent you today.

It is important that you only argue for this legal action with the help of a hardworking and reliable Texas drug defense attorney. Hire our successful firm if you want to work towards a positive solution in your non-disclosure case. With a 100% success rate, you can bet that we will do everything within our power to get you the non-disclosure that you desire!