Charged with Possession of Marijuana in Texas?

Charged with Possession of Marijuana in Texas?

Texas is known for being very strict when it comes to drug crimes, as the state enforces serious penalties for the charges of drug use and possession. Unlike many other states, Texas does not decriminalize minor marijuana possession, which means that even the smallest amount of marijuana can lead to a jail sentence and heavy fine.

The specifics of your penalties will be based upon the weight of the drugs that you were found in possession with. One pound of marijuana can lead to a six months to two years' sentence and a fine ranging from $2,000 to $10,000. However, if you have no prior felony convictions, a Texas judge has to give you a probation sentence with drug treatment. The judge will determine the duration of your drug treatment program, and whether or not your fees will be waived.

For anything after one pound, there will always be jail time and a fine. For anything more than five pounds, you will be considered a major trafficker, and you will be facing serious penalties. Depending on just how much marijuana you're found in possession with, you could face a two to 99 year sentence, and a $10,000 to $50,000 fine.

Regardless of how much marijuana you are found in possession with, it is important to act fast in contacting an attorney to ensure the protection of your criminal record and your future. Take control of your future and get a Plano drug charge attorney on your side today!