Hot Car Deaths and Murder Charges

Hot Car Deaths and Murder Charges

If you leave your child in a hot car with the windows up, that child can die from suffocation. Recently in Georgia, a father was charged with felony murder for leaving his child in a hot car for seven hours. In this case, the police discovered evidence which suggests that the child's death was not an accident. The defendant in this case claims that he had no intent to leave the child in the car.

If you leave your child in a car, even for a short amount of time, you may be arrested for this serious crime. If your child does not survive the wait in the car, you may face murder. Parents that leave their children in a vehicle and come back to find them dehydrated or in critical condition can also face charges for negligence or abusing a child.

If you have been arrested for harming your child in this manner, call our firm today. We understand that devastating accidents happen. If you have lost a loved one or if your child was injured after being left in a car, the last thing that you want to do is face murder charges for the loss of your young one.

In Texas, the summers can get unbearably hot and even leaving your child in the car for a few minutes could result in these devastating results. If you want more information about cases of this nature, don't hesitate to call the firm. At the Zendeh Del Law Firm, PLLC, we want to provide top-notch criminal defense. We will treat you as an individual and take the time to get to know your case. Allow us to come alongside you and provide the legal knowledge that you need.