Smash and Grab Burglaries a Serious Concern in Plano

Smash and Grab Burglaries a Serious Concern in Plano

According to the Plano Police, smash and grab burglaries appear to be on the rise. In the year 2013, the department arrested 16 people of car break-ins. Many of these suspects were also suspected to have ties with a crime ring that is operating out of Florida.

The police say that their research reveals a drop in smash and grab car burglaries that started in January and continued through mid-April. Since then, the police say that they've seen 20 cases.

No arrests have been made in these cases. The police say that the criminals seem to be looking for women that leave their purses behind when they go to day cares, parks, gyms and other locations. The thieves have been driving high-end vehicles such as Infinitis, BMWs and Lexuses.

In these car-robbery situations, individuals smash a window and grab loot from the car before running off. Because the crime is quick and the individuals are often disguised under hoodies or with masks, it can be hard to catch the offenders. This can lead to mis-accusations when an individual are charged with a crime simply because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time or resemble the offenders.

In Texas, car burglaries are sentenced similarly to normal burglaries. An offender convicted of burglary of a vehicle in the state is normally charged with a "Class A" misdemeanor. This carries a minimum jail sentence of six months. This crime can be elevated to a state jail felony if the defendant has been convicted of car burglaries two or more times in the past.

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