Texan Jailed for Withholding Child Support

Texan Jailed for Withholding Child Support

A man with the initials C.H. made national headlines last month when he was sentenced to the harshest punishment for a failure to pay child support. C.H. was sentenced to six months behind bars for failing to pay the court-ordered child support to his ex and son.

According to Forward Times, the father did not know that his child support payments were not going through. He allegedly had set up the child support to be withheld from each paycheck and deposited to his ex's account via the court. A clerical error made it so that these child support payments were not going through. Once C.H. discovered the error, he corrected the situation and paid an additional $1,000 as a sort of apology gift.

C.H.'s employer acknowledged that the payment issue was their fault, but a Texas judge still found it necessary to sentence him to six months in jail for child support underpayment and over-visitation. In June 2013, the Texas Legislature repealed a law that made jail sentences an option in these cases. Now, Texas the family court judges have the right to decide whether delinquent child support payers spend time in jail regardless of whether the issue was resolved before their court date.

The changes to the law were intended to deter dead-beat dads from becoming chronic offenders and making last-minute payments to resolve their issue prior to their court date. Prior to the change last year, C.H. would not have been required to serve six months for his child support issues.

C.H.'s attorney is frustrated at the ruling, saying that this father did all that he could to pay child supports. Despite job loss, he allegedly continued to make payments until the clerical error occurred. Eventually, C.H. would like to seek full custody of his son, though he intends to wait until he has served his jail sentence. If you have been involved in a difficult situation involving child support, don't hesitate to contact a trusted Plano family lawyer at the Zendeh Del Law Firm, PLLC. Call us today to learn more!