Texas to Florida Drug Route Discovered and Busted

Texas to Florida Drug Route Discovered and Busted

There is a stretch of land beginning in a Texas border city and stretching to a Palm Beach County truck yard. This route was travelled by cocaine dealers as a part of a drug trafficking organization until the last week of June. At this time, federal authorities arrested eight people in South Florida and McAllen, Texas for drug charges. All of them are in custody and will face their charges before the federal courts.

The group allegedly moved 200 kilograms of cocaine into Palm Beach County per month until a criminal complaint was filed with the West Palm Beach federal court. The drug route has been fraught with robberies, car theft, and more. The traffickers' trail of wrongdoing led to federal government involvement. At one point, the feds had three confidential sources and five cooperating defendants who helped them to locate and bring down the organization.

One of the sources informed the federal government that the drug traffickers were taking cocaine from a confidential location in Mexico and moving it through the U.S. for sale. The contraband was hidden in the mid-section axles of the tractor trailers of trucks.

These are often referred to as the "pumpkin head." The pumpkin head is supposed to house the gears that turn the axles, but the traffickers figured out a way to reconfigure their vehicles so that they were still operational but permitted this hiding place for the cocaine.

After picking up cocaine, the truckers would move on to a new stop to pick up legal cargo like peppers and cilantro. They would unload the produce near the drug drop-off, assuming the typical career of a truck driver. If you have been arrested in connection with drug trafficking, call a hardworking and aggressive Texas drug defense lawyer at the Zendeh Del Law Firm, PLLC today. We understand the grave consequences that can come with a drug trafficking conviction and want to fight on your behalf! Cal today!