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West Virginia Woman Denied her Social Security Funds

A Weirton woman, T.E., recently went to her local Walmart to re-stock on the everyday necessities for her grandchildren. However, when she swiped her Direct Express card, her funds were denied. The woman looks after two of her grandchildren, one who has had open heart surgery, and the other who has autism. Her daughter has MS, which is why T.E. relies on the social security benefits for support.

The reason the woman's social security funds were denied was because there were two purchases made on the card at a Winn Dixie in Miami, totaling over $700, and leaving her with a zero dollar balance. After speaking to the Winn Dixie, T.E. found out that the card used was a clone card. She then spoke to Direct Express, who told her to wait five days and they would investigate. T.E. then contacted the Weirton police department and filed a report.

When you depend on social security benefits to get you by, it can be very stressful to suddenly be denied these benefits. If you have been denied your benefits or are seeking assistance with another matter pertaining to social security disability, we are prepared to help you. Give Zendeh Del Law Firm a call today to find out about the service a Plano social security disability attorney may be able to provide you with.