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A Political Debate Over SSDI

According to The Washington Post, the Democrats and the Republicans are currently at odds over issues concerning Social Security. At present, GOP Senators have requested hearings into Social Security Disability Insurance this summer, in which they are expected to attack the program.

Democrats plan to get behind a proposal that would change or life the payroll tax cap so that higher earners would pay more so that seniors could receive higher benefits. Essentially, Democrats want to make changes that would allow an expansion of social insurance.

One Democrat says that SSDI is a public pension that Americans should be proud of and support because it has lifted millions of Americans out of poverty so that they are able to live a comfortable lifestyle. While SSDI is more than a political debate, it certainly plays out on both sides as the different parties take a stance to support or fight the SSDI efforts. In the future, political undertones could set the agenda for the future of SSDI insurance. Call today to learn more.