Clone Vehicles and Drug Trafficking

Clone Vehicles and Drug Trafficking

Drug traffickers are exploring a new creative disguise in order to transfer their drugs across borders. The Tucson Border Patrol says that they seized a truck last week that had decals claiming that it was a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service vehicle. The decals looked legitimate, but inside the flatbed the border patrol discovered marijuana. The border patrol and other drug agents are calling these "clone vehicles."

Throughout the U.S., drug traffickers are driving vehicles claiming that they are Texas Department of Transportation trucks or other government vehicles. Police officers say that when these clone trucks are out on the road, the key is to look at the license plate. Some of the license plates don't coincide with the government vehicles, which can tip the authorities off to the fact that the truck is a "clone car."

Other clone cars are discussed as AT&T service trucks, UPS trucks, Halliburton tankers, Wal-Mart distribution trucks, Direct TV service trucks, FedEx trucks, police cars or school buses.

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