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Major Cartel Leader Arrested Near Texas Border

A regional leader of the Gulf Cartel was captured this past Sunday, slowing his organization that trafficked drugs, guns and money throughout Mexico and even up into the United States. The cartel was also responsible for kidnapping migrants on a regular basis. The cartel leader was arrested in Mexico by Mexican security forces. An official for the U.S. government claims that the arrested individual was the Gulf Cartel's commander along the Rio Grande and wanted to secure control of all of the cartel's operations.

The cartel leader was arrested while with his wife and children and was peaceful when submitting to the arrest. He was allegedly responsible for moving drugs, and authorities hope that his arrested will halt cartel movement near the Rio Grande area. If you have been arrested for affiliation with drugs and drug cartels, you need to get a convincing and hardworking Texas drug defense lawyer on your side. Call the Zendeh Del Law Firm, PLLC today to secure expert assistance from a trusted defense attorney.