Permanent Alimony in Texas

Permanent Alimony in Texas

Are you seeking permanent alimony in Texas? There are a variety of different requirements that spouses must meet in order to qualify for permanent alimony in the state. If the paying spouse was convicted of family violence within two years of filing the divorce, the court will often award permanent alimony to the victimized spouse.

Additionally, if the marriage lasted longer than 10 years, and the requesting spouse lacks sufficient property to provide or minimal needs due to disability or illness, then the income-earning spouse may be required to pay permanent alimony.

Also, if the marriage lasted longer than 10 years and the requesting spouse cannot provide for minimal needs and is the custodian of a child that requires care and supervision, the income-earning spouse may be required to pay permanent alimony. Lastly, if the spouse that is requesting alimony lacks earning ability in the labor market due to time spends at home with the children, then he or she can often secure permanent alimony.

Permanent alimony is not always permanent. In fact, it can last no longer than three years in most cases and cannot exceed 20% of the paying spouse's gross income. Permanent alimony is only indefinite in cases where the requesting spouse has a physical or mental disability that restricts him or her from earning money through a job.

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