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Plano Bombing Suspect Taken to Trial

A man who tried to blow up a natural gas line in Plano has started a trial for his crime. The individual is facing federal charges for possessing an unregistered explosive device and maliciously using an explosive device. According to the prosecution, this individual had a strong anti-government view and put the homemade bomb on a pipeline in hopes of destroying it. The pipeline was located near his parents' home in Plano. The bomb went off early and nearly killed the victim in the process.

The defendant was injured when the accident occurred in 2012, but is now recovered and ready for trial. Allegedly, the suspect wrote letters to an infamous serial bomber on a regular basis. The serial bomber eventually became irritated and told the suspect to go see a psychiatrist. The individual claims he was tortured and was the victim of a set up. He will represent himself in court. He already plead guilty to his crime in exchange for a 22-year prison sentence which was rescinded when he decided to fire his attorneys.

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