Texas Couple Suspected of Possessing Drugs in Car with 9-Year-Old

Texas Couple Suspected of Possessing Drugs in Car with 9-Year-Old

A couple in Texas was charged with drug possession, allegedly in the presence of their 9-year-old child. The sheriff's deputies at the Ouauchita Parish conducted a traffic stop in the 300 block of Camp Road when they say two individuals commit a traffic violation. A man was driving the car while a woman sat in the back with the child.

Deputies claim that the woman in the back of the car refused to make eye contact while the driver repeatedly kept asking for a cigarette. Both of the individuals had shaky hands and appeared nervous. The woman in the back gave permission to the deputies to search both her purse and her vehicle.

When asked if he had anything illegal in the car, the man told deputies he had marijuana in his boots. The deputies say that they discovered 45 hydrocodone pills in the woman's purse. The woman says that she does not have a prescription or a prescription bottle for the strong medication. Both of the adults were booked in a Correctional center and charged with possession of controlled dangerous substances in the presence of a juvenile.

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