The Plano Crime Report

The Plano Crime Report

Every month, the Plano Police Department compiles data about crimes committed during the month and sends this to the Texas Department of Public Safety and on to the FBI. This allows the Plano Police to keep up with the crime trends in the area and best work on their protection tactics for the community of Plano. At present, data up until April 2014 is available for review. This report allows individuals to read about the various crimes committed throughout the year in the Plano region.

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According to reports, there have been two homicides in the Plano area this year and 21 rape cases according to the new definition. Prior to January 2013, rapes were only defined as sexual assault cases where the suspect was a male and the victim was a female. Rape did not include sodomy offenses or sexual assaults with an object. New rape data suggests that suspects can be charged with rape even if they committed a sodomy rape or assault with an object. This has not only broadened the number of rape arrests, but changed the way that the local government prosecutes these cases.

There have also been 134 violent crimes in total reported in Plano, including 58 cases of aggravated assault. Property crime is a serious problem in Plano, with 1,467 cases reported so far this year. 81 of these cases involved motor vehicle theft and 1,351 involved larceny of some form or another. There were 215 burglary cases in Plano this year that have been reported.

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