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Social Media and Your Drug Case
Social Media and Your Drug Case

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram can get you in big trouble if you are posting unwise things online. These social media platforms are for "sharing." Many people share photos of themselves committing illegal crimes, without even being aware of the ...

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Blog posts in March, 2014

  • Onset Dates and Backpay for Social Security Disability

    When you are applying for SSDI benefits, the alleged onset date, or AOD is the date that you claim that your disability began. Depending on this date, ...

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  • Do You Need Support Enforcement?

    After you and your spouse get a divorce, this doesn't mean that all problems will simply stop. In fact, in some situations, issues surrounding the ...

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  • What is Capital Murder in Texas?

    Probably the harshest penalties in the Texas justice system are reserved for those convicted of capital murder. Capital murder is the most severe type ...

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  • Women Average $1,000 in Disability Benefits per Month

    According to Allsup, women receiving disability benefits in 2013 averaged more than $1,000 per month. This is the highest figure that has been listed ...

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  • Texas Deputy Arrested for Drug Dealing

    A former East Texas sheriff's deputy has been sentenced to six years in federal prison. Allegedly, the deputy dealt drugs while he was on duty, ...

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  • Texan Suing Divorce Attorney

    A Texas divorcee recently chose to sue his attorney after the lawyer signed an agreement to give the ex-wife 50 percent of his retirement account. The ...

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  • Homicide Suspected in Vickery Meadow Death

    A 19-year-old male was discovered dead in his apartment in Vickery Meadow. Currently, investigators suspect that the death is the result of a ...

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  • Video Hearings in SSDI Cases

    More than ever before, people are attending video hearings concerning their eligibility for SSDI, instead of actually being present in the court room. ...

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  • Lesbian Couple Files for Divorce in Texas

    A lesbian couple that married in Washington D.C. filed to dissolve their divorce this week in a Texas court. The couple now lives in San Antonio. ...

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