Do You Need Support Enforcement?

Do You Need Support Enforcement?

After you and your spouse get a divorce, this doesn't mean that all problems will simply stop. In fact, in some situations, issues surrounding the divorce are just beginning. Many spouses may refuse to pay child or spousal support after they have been granted a divorce, even when it is deliberately listed in their divorce agreement. In these situations, the wisest choice is to demand support through support enforcement.

Our tough team at the Zendeh Del Law Firm, PLLC can get involved in your case and make sure that your spouse is paying you the support that was agreed upon and signed on in your divorce agreement. We work hard to help the court enforce agreements that are not being recognized.

Normally, to enforce an order that is not being recognized, you will first need to file a Motion to Enforce. Our team can help you with the documentation, and can then assist you on taking you through the process to protect your rights. This may include discussions with the non-compliant spouse or going back to court to battle out the details of the support enforcement.

We want to make sure that your ex is upholding all agreements he or she made when you file for divorce. Call us today if you believe that these agreements aren't being enforced properly and if you want to pursue legal action against the offending party. We are dedicated to purposeful litigation in all cases. Call us today and get the assistance that you need and make sure you are getting the payments that you deserve. We can assist you in support enforcement for child support, spousal support or alimony. Our team is devoted to the best representation and confident and attentive client-centered care. Call us today to learn more!