FBI Releases Footage of Bank Robbery in Plano

FBI Releases Footage of Bank Robbery in Plano

The Federal Bureau of Investigation released video footage of the robbery that took place at a Bank of America last week in Plano, Texas. According to the footage, the men entered the bank brandished weapons, and then demanded money from the tellers at the front desk. After completing their crime, the suspects dashed back into a vehicle and drove away. The car was later discovered near the scene of the crime. It had been abandoned, and was allegedly stolen.

The authorities say that these three bank robbers took an undetermined amount of money from the scene. The FBI says that no one was seriously hurt in the robbery, but due to the fact that the robbers brandished weapons, the penalties for the crime will be harsher. The suspects wore long shirts, pants, gloves, hoodies, and masks. Some suspect that they are connected with other local robberies which have taking place in the Plano area as of late.

The Plano Police Department is asking for all parties with information to call the FBI office and report in on the missing suspects. If you have been arrested for a bank robbery, you need a skilled attorney to assist you with your case right away. In Texas, bank robberies that involve the use of weapons, regardless of whether or not they are discharged, are considered aggravated robberies.

Those arrested for an aggravated robbery can expect to spend extensive time in prison for their offense if convicted. According to the Texas statutes, a person needs to merely exhibit a weapon in order to be charged with aggravated robbery. In general, robbery is considered to be a second degree felony in Texas. This means between two and twenty years in state prison, and a fine of up to $10,000. If the robbery is considered an aggravated robbery, then the suspect may face a first degree felony with a potential prison sentence between 5 and 99 years. If you have been accused of robbery or aggravated robbery in Texas, you need a skilled defense team on your side. Contact the Zendeh Del Law Firm, PLLC today for compassionate representation!