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Plano Man's Guilty Plea Withdrawn in Bomb Pipeline Case

A man in Plano pleaded guilty of attempting to blow up a natural gas pipeline, and was serving time for that sentence when he learned that a technicality would change his circumstances drastically. The man was permitted to withdraw his guilty plea after a hearing in a federal court. He claims that he was not told the minimum sentence on one charge in his plea agreement back in June. The range of the punishment would not exceed 20 years, but the defendant was not told that there was a five-year minimum jail-time penalty affiliated with the crime.

The prosecutor argued that the judge needed to look at the totality of circumstances, but the judge agreed with the defendant, saying that by failing to inform the individual of the minimum sentence requirement the court had violated his rights and he should be permitted to withdraw his guilty plea. Now, the defendant will represent himself in future court hearings regarding the bombing case. The defendant is a self-proclaimed political activist who was trying to blow up the natural gas line as a political display.

In his letter to the court after his plea deal, he wrote that the plea was involuntary and unknowing and that he didn't understand the nature of the charges because his attorney provided faulty legal advice. He also claims that he was physically assaulted and tortured by the police to confess of his crime when he was in the hospital following the explosion. The judge in the case says that he will allow the individual to revoke his guilty plea based solely on the failed technicality, not on the defendant's other claims. This case serves as an example that one missed technicality may be able to allow you another chance in your criminal case. Talk to a skilled Plano criminal defense attorney at the Zendeh Del Law Firm, PLLC today if you would like to learn more!