Smugglers Bringing Prescription Pain Killers from Mexico to U.S.

Smugglers Bringing Prescription Pain Killers from Mexico to U.S.

A relatively new form of drug smuggling has emerged in Texas, after many individuals have discovered it is too expensive to purchase their necessary medications at the U.S. prices. Many prescription medications and pain killers can also be purchased in Mexico for a fraction of the American price.

At one point, many individuals would drive to Mexico to receive their pain medications, and would get them for a much lower price. Texans without insurance would primarily benefit from this. About 24% of Mexicans have no medical insurance, and these individuals cannot afford to pay the high prices for some of the medications that they may need to live a comfortable lifestyle.

Yet in recent years, the trips to Mexico for cheaper medication have become hazardous. More and more Americans are looking for individuals who can go to Mexico for them and then bring the lower-priced drugs back to the United States for sale. This has led to a cottage industry of smugglers that buy medicines in bulk and then bring them back to the U.S.

As more and more smugglers dip into this industry, physicians say that patients are at-risk. Some of the medications may be home-made copies of the original thing, and others are unidentifiable. Some doctors say that these black market medications can do more harm than good in many situations.

Many of these medications have surfaced in flea markets across Texas. Patients will visit the flea market and pay low prices for the medicines that they can't afford from a U.S pharmacy. Law enforcement are suspicious that cartels may be slowly entering the prescription pain medication business and using their routes to smuggle drugs through into the U.S. for sale.

In a raid last summer police in Hidalgo, Texas seized 25,000 bottles of prescription medicine at a flea market and nine people were charged. If you are arrested in connection with selling prescription drugs don't hesitate to call the firm today. With the right lawyer there to help you, you may be able to avoid serious penalties. Call the Zendeh Del Law Firm, PLLC immediately to learn more!