Social Media and Your Drug Case

Social Media and Your Drug Case

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram can get you in big trouble if you are posting unwise things online. These social media platforms are for "sharing." Many people share photos of themselves committing illegal crimes, without even being aware of the possibilities that the picture could lead to. For example, if a Texan posts a photo of him and his friends smoking pot, the police can easily collect the photo and use it against you in a court of law.

For example, a man in North Carolina was arrested after he took a photo making fun of the local law enforcement by smoking marijuana while looking at their website. He posted the photo online. A concerned citizen in the state noticed the post, and decided to report it to the local Sheriff's Department. The Drug Suppression team came to investigate the case, and the individual was later caught selling marijuana to individuals. This particular poster has been arrested with felony distribution of marijuana and may be placed in prison for up to five years.

All of this occurred because of an unwise Instagram photo. We highly suggest that you monitor your social media use whether you are under investigation for a drug crime, or are just some average Joe on the street. Posting anything about illegal narcotics will raise a red flag, and you could be arrested. Even if your Facebook or Instagram profiles are set on private, it is still easy enough for police to access the profiles and see what you have been posting about.

Also, posting the locations of a drug-filled party, or dropping hints about a sale point can alert the police. As more and more people become increasingly transparent on social media, the police are starting to rely on these websites to gather information about suspects. Call today if you want more information about social media and how your drug case could be affected.