Texas Deputy Arrested for Drug Dealing

Texas Deputy Arrested for Drug Dealing

A former East Texas sheriff's deputy has been sentenced to six years in federal prison. Allegedly, the deputy dealt drugs while he was on duty, selling them to the very criminals that he was supposed to arrest. Prosecutors in Tyler, Texas say that the 39-year-old will serve his six years and will not be allowed to recover his job. The suspect worked for the Smith County Sheriff's Department as a deputy. He was fired from his position last July when he was arrested on two counts of drug distribution.

Last October, the deputy pleaded guilty to conspiracy to possess with the intent to distribute. He was also charged and pled guilty to distribution of methamphetamine and crack cocaine. Investigators discovered illegal drugs in the deputy's patrol car. He was using his career as a cover, hoping that he could distribute the drugs on the side and get a significant paycheck for doing so undercover. The deputy worked for the sheriff's department for 10 years prior to this discovery.

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