Texas Divorce Declared Mistrial Due To Witness Allegations

Texas Divorce Declared Mistrial Due To Witness Allegations

During a divorce trial in Texas, a judge ruled that the divorce would end in a mistrial due to a forbidden testimony given in the court. The divorcing couple called expert witnesses to argue during their case. The expert witness alleged that the wife in the divorce case was molested by her husband's father, who is a City Attorney. The attorney is currently on unpaid leave and is the subject of an investigation based on claims by his daughter-in-law.

The expert witness was a child therapist that was working with the divorcee's 13-year-old daughter. The therapist testified in court that the mother had been sexually molested by her father in law. The judge on the case stopped the trial and sent the jury out of the room after the admission. He had allegedly instructed both parties in the case to avoid discussing the sexual assault before the trial began.

The judge had to declare a mistrial in the case because he determined that the jury could no longer may an unbiased verdict based on the statements about sexual molestation. The judge said that both parties will need to reschedule a new date to start the trial with a brand new jury. The divorce case will decide terms of child custody, property, and support. The judge believes that all parties would naturally favor the wife in the divorce because of the sexual molestation allegations.

The wife in the divorce says that their marriage came to an end when her husband assaulted her at her home last March. The husband was booked in a Lubbock County Detention Center for a day on domestic assault charges. The wife claims that she filed a non-prosecution order after being coerced to do so by her husband.

The trial was one of many accusations of abuse and alcoholism. The judge hopes that the re-trial will prove to be more beneficial providing the expert witnesses avoid discussing the sexual molestation allegations which don't have anything to do with the couple's relationship. If you are considering a divorce trial with a jury, you will want to hire a skilled lawyer to represent you. Call the Zendeh Del Law Firm, PLLC today to get trusted representation on your side!