Video Hearings in SSDI Cases

Video Hearings in SSDI Cases

More than ever before, people are attending video hearings concerning their eligibility for SSDI, instead of actually being present in the court room. According to Insurance News, the escalating number of video hearings points to the value of having a representative there to help you.

In the fiscal year 2013, 179,308 people attended video hearings. This is more than double the amount of hearings in 2009, and a 17 percent increase from the previous year. The Social Security Administration is using these video hearings to clear a backlog of petitions and cases that have jammed the system and made it difficult for some individuals to apply. The SSA hopes that using this video technology can help to expedite the SSDI application process and get more deserving disabled individuals the help that they need in their case.

SSDI hearings are necessary when an applicant has been rejected. In some states, after a claim is denied, the applicant can re-file for a reconsideration. If this is granted, then they will never have to go to a video hearing. Yet if the reconsideration results in another denial, the applicant has the right to request a hearing with officials. If you are in this situation, it is imperative that you hire a reliable lawyer to work on your case. You should never attempt to represent yourself before the officials, as this could prove to look unprofessional and you may lessen your chances of receiving the SSDI that you need.

Instead, hire a lawyer that can either attend the court hearing in person, or stand beside you during the meeting. When attending a video conference, you need to dress appropriately in business casual attire. The video conferencing process is exactly the same as one that you would attend in person, and a judge will be on call to lead the hearing. Contact the Zendeh Del Law Firm today if you want representation in a video hearing case and would like to talk with a skilled SSDI attorney at our firm!