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Texas Child Kept Away from Drug-Using Parents
Texas Child Kept Away from Drug-Using Parents

The Texas courts decide child custody matters in a way that reflects the best interests of the child. This is why individuals that use strong narcotics or do not care for their children can be severely punished and their children can be taken away from them. Texan parents ...

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Blog posts in May, 2014

  • Police Make Arrested in Road Rage Incident

    Last week, a man from Wylie was arrested in connection with a double fatality wreck that began as a road rage incident in Wylie. According to reports, ...

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  • Are Non-English-Speaking Applicants Fast-Tracked for SSDI?

    Non-English speaking applicants are allegedly fast-tracked through the SSDI application process because of their inability to explain answers because ...

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  • Drug Use and Child Custody

    If you are caught using illegal narcotics habitually, it could affect your ability to parent and care for your children. A recent court report ...

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  • The Dangers of K2

    More than 100 people in a five-day stretch have exhibited signs of overdosing on a form of synthetic marijuana known as K2. This is synthetic ...

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  • Who Can Receive Your Benefits Under SSDI?

    SSDI benefits can be helpful to you and your family. According to the Social Security Administration, certain members of your family may also qualify ...

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  • Homosexual Divorce in Texas

    At present, a gay or lesbian couple that is legally married cannot get a divorce in Texas. Instead, they can get their marriage voided. This will ...

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  • Medical Insurance Benefits & Divorce

    If you are getting divorced, you may still be entitled to keep your medical insurance benefits under your former spouse's group plan. With the new ...

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  • Prostate Cancer Added to List of Expedited Conditions

    The Social Security Administration (SSA) considers some ailments and diseases to be more serious than others. That is why the SSA has a list of ...

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  • UPS Workers Indicted on Drug Charges

    In Brownsville, Texas, three South Texas residents were arrested for drug conspiracy charges because they were using UPS to ship drugs cross the ...

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