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Arrests Made in Texas Gang Rape

Gang rape is a devastating crime that is both emotionally and physically scarring for the victim. Recently, in Waco, Texas, several young men were arrested for allegedly participating in the gang rape of a young girl. The Waco police told the Tribune-Herald that the girl left school early with several people she knew. The child was taken to a home in North Waco, where she was sexually assaulted. The men were all students and former students of the school where the victim attended and were between 18 and 20 years old.

The Waco police believe that the men dropped her off at school later and she told a friend about what had happened. The friend then reported the incident to a member of the school staff. The victim was taken to a hospital and the police are currently working on the case. There were six men allegedly involved in the gang rape. If you have been accused of involvement in a sex crime of this nature, you will want an aggressive criminal defense lawyer on your side promptly. Don't hesitate to contact a Plano criminal defense attorney at the firm right away to learn more!