DWI Accident Injures Two Club Bouncers, Kills One

DWI Accident Injures Two Club Bouncers, Kills One

Two bouncers at a Plano bar were trying to keep an intoxicated guest from driving when he got into his car and intentionally ran over several people. The bouncers allegedly were trying to stop the man from driving because he was evidentially very inebriated. One witness says that the employees recorded his license plate as he got into the car and intended to call the police. The witnesses say that the drunk individual sped off in his vehicle but then swing back around into the parking lot and floored his car at the bounders. The two employees at the club were injured along with one of the driver's friends.

Investigations reveal that one victim was struck by the front of the vehicle and flipped through the air before he hit the windshield. He then continued over the top of the vehicle and broke the sun roof before sliding down into the back of the car. He died from blunt force trauma after the accident. One of the bar employees was severely injured and says that he can't remember what happened on that fateful night.

The defendant says that he does not believe that he had had too much to drink before getting in the car and was scared because the bouncers confronted him in an aggressive manner, He also says that he does not remember running over four people in his vehicle. The investigators say that when they notified the defendant that he had severely injured his friend, he broke down and cried and said that he should have stopped and not fled the scene of the accident.

He now faces a murder charge for the death of his friend, along with a charge for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. If you are arrested for vehicular assault or murder, get a committed Plano criminal defense attorney from the Zendeh Del Law Firm, PLLC on your side. Don't hesitate to call the firm today for more information.