Homosexual Divorce in Texas

Homosexual Divorce in Texas

At present, a gay or lesbian couple that is legally married cannot get a divorce in Texas. Instead, they can get their marriage voided. This will effectively terminate the marriage contract, but it does not have all the same implications and entitlements as a divorce does. A lesbian couple in Texas has gained a lot of media attention over the past several months as they have decided not to settle for a voided marriage.

They are pursuing a divorce so that they can benefit from property rights, benefits under state law and benefits under federal law. One of the partners says that she wants to secure benefits under social security and certain retirement benefits that she can only achieve if she is able to get a divorce from her spouse.

The other partner says that she is satisfied with simply having the marriage voided because it is the more practical route. This partner admits that if divorce was an option, she would have chosen that route, but she simply wants to move forward. Regardless, the state of Texas has refused to recognize the divorce because they believe that this would validate the marriage. Texas is still a state known for its harsh laws preserving heterosexual marriage and discouraging homosexual unions.

The Texas Supreme Court is reviewing a handful of different homosexual divorce cases. Some of the homosexuals who have filed for these Texas divorces say that they are doing so because they want to have a voice. They also want to take a stance and advocate for fairness. If you want more information about homosexual divorce, don't hesitate to contact a Plano family attorney at the Zendeh Del Law Firm, PLLC today. Our team of dedicated lawyers will help you to purse a voided marriage or a divorce as you see fit and can advise you in your efforts with legal knowledge. Call us today to learn more!