Police Make Arrested in Road Rage Incident

Police Make Arrested in Road Rage Incident

Last week, a man from Wylie was arrested in connection with a double fatality wreck that began as a road rage incident in Wylie. According to reports, the 21-year-old driver with the initials A.H. faces two counts of criminal negligent homicide and one count of an accident involving injury or death. He was arraigned last Wednesday and is being held in the Collin County jail with a bail set at $90,000. The young man faces the penalties for third degree felonies.

Allegedly, A.H. was speeding along a highway, as was another driver in a Nissan. The two drivers both attempted to pass one another and occupy the same lane but the police believe that the vehicle did not make contact at this time. When one of the drivers took evasive action in order to avoid a collision, he lost control of his vehicle and it crashed on nearby railroad tracks. The driver of the Nissan and two passengers were ejected from the car.

The driver died of his injuries as well as one of the passengers. The surviving passenger remains hospitalized in serious condition after the accident. The police say that speeding was certainly a factor in this collision but they are still uncovering many of the details. If your loved one has been arrested in a road rage incident, or if you have been arrested for road rage, don't hesitate to contact the firm right away for more information.

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