Who Can Receive Your Benefits Under SSDI?

Who Can Receive Your Benefits Under SSDI?

SSDI benefits can be helpful to you and your family. According to the Social Security Administration, certain members of your family may also qualify for benefits on your record. These benefits may be paid to your spouse, your divorced spouse, your children, any disabled children and any adult children that were disabled before they turned 22.

If any of your family members qualify for benefits, the SSA will request that you provide their Social Security numbers and their birth certificates for approval. If your spouse is applying for benefits, we may also ask for proof of a marriage and the dates of prior marriages if applicable.

According to the SSA, each family member may be eligible for a monthly benefit that is up to 50% of your disability rate. There is a limit to the amount that the SSA can pay your family, so the total amount your family can receive normally comes to between 150 and 180 percent of your disability benefits. While your benefit can't be altered, your family members may face reductions if the benefits payable on your account is greater than the family limit.

If you want more information about SSDI and family benefits, you can talk with an experienced SSDI attorney at the Social Security Administration today. Don't hesitate to get more information from an accomplished attorney if you want to maximize the benefits that your family can receive. If you have a divorced spouse who qualifies for benefits, it will not affect the amount of benefits that you and your family can receive. We can look through your paperwork and evaluate your situation to determine how you can get the highest possible payment for your family. Call a SSDI attorney at the Zendeh Del Law Firm, PLLC today.