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A Drug Crime Can Lead to Deportation
A Drug Crime Can Lead to Deportation

Texas is home to a large immigrant community, and for those that are not citizens of the United States, a drug-related crime conviction can be the difference between staying in the country or being forced to leave. It does not matter whether the accused has a green card or ...

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  • What Happens If My Child Has Been Arrested?

    Kids under the age of 18 are not pardoned from arrest by law enforcement if they are accused of breaking the law. For parents, one of the hardest ...

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  • Are You Truly Ready for Divorce?

    Divorce can be a knee-jerk reaction for some couples. Instead of choosing to work through some of the more common issues and concerns, they opt to ...

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  • What To Know About SSDI Medical Exams

    When any applicant makes a claim for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), they must prove that what they suffer from falls under the strict ...

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  • History of Marijuana In Texas

    One of the best indicators of the hysteria surround marijuana in the early 1900's is the 1936 classic film Reefer Madness . The plot of this film ...

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  • Penalties for Resisting Arrest

    Resisting arrest is defined by Texas law as any instance where a person prevents or obstructs law enforcement from carrying out an arrest, search, or ...

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  • Divorcing With A Special Needs Child

    Making sure that the emotional and financial needs of any child are met during a divorce should be the complete focus of any parent. When that child ...

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  • What to Know About SSDI Evaluations

    Applying for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) can be a lengthy and complex process. Social Security has an extremely strict definition for ...

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  • There are Serious Consequences for Meth Crimes

    As drugs such as methamphetamines have become more and more popular across the United States, users of these substances may recognize their ease of ...

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  • Challenging Paternity in Texas

    When a child is born between a mother and a father that are not married, the child does not have a legal father. While the father may be biologically ...

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