How Children Benefit From Social Security

How Children Benefit From Social Security

Social Security is commonly considered only as a retirement benefit to those over the age of 62, but Social Security provides assistance to many others throughout the United States, including those that are disabled or whose spouses are deceased. Aside from older adults, one of the largest groups receiving benefits is children.

Children May Be Eligible for Social Security Benefits

While retirees make up the largest beneficiaries of Social Security, children make up 6% of the total recipients. Many of these children receive benefits because their parents are receiving retirement or disability benefits and remain eligible to receive benefits until they graduate high school or two months after their 19 th birthday, whichever comes first.

Consider the following facts about children and Social Security benefits:

  • 3 million children receive benefits due to a parent's disability or death
  • A child typically receives an average of $541 each month
  • Children whose parents have died receive the most benefits
  • Supplemental Security Income benefits around 1.3 million children

There have been a recent increase of children receiving Social Security benefits as more children have qualified for the program. Further, the amount of money that each child receives as a result of their disability has also increased.

Many children can receive benefits equal to or higher than what a person's spouse may receive. Since many people are not even aware that children can qualify for Social Security benefits, this often a financial support tool that goes overlooked.

If you are wondering how your child can help your family access the most of their Social Security benefits, contact the Zendeh Del Law Firm, PLLC. Our knowledgeable lawyers can explain what obtaining Social Security can mean for the family and walk you through the application process for these benefits.