Cocaine Used as Election Bribe

Cocaine Used as Election Bribe

More than just reputation is at stake for certain school board position in South Texas. A man is currently facing accusations that he gave out cocaine in order to secure votes for a 2012 school board election.

In order to secure votes, the man allegedly offered a small amount of cocaine or a $10 bribe if a voter agreed to vote for the candidate he represented. He is said to have been working with two woman on behalf of the same candidate. The women plead guilty earlier in 2014 to using cigarettes, alcohol, and cash to secure votes. It is suggested that these tactics have been used for other elections in the past.

Cocaine Possession in Texas

Due to its classification as an extremely dangerous controlled substance, even a small amount of cocaine is charged as a felony in Texas. You don't have to be caught buying cocaine in order to be charged with a possession crime.

The small amount given as a bribe in the Texas election could be enough to charge those who received the bribes with:

  • Minimum of 180 days to two years of jail time
  • Up to $10,000 in fines

While first time offenders in the state may be able to reduce their charges, possession of cocaine for those with previous arrest records could have serious consequences.

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