Gang Members Arrested for Meth Distribution

Gang Members Arrested for Meth Distribution

Twenty five members of the Aryan Brotherhood (AB) were arrested in Texas on suspicion of participating in a methamphetamine distribution operation. Twenty four of those arrested were charged with conspiracy to distribute meth. Only one of those arrested was charged with possession of methamphetamine with intent to distribute.

Operation La Flama Blanca Targets Meth Distribution

It is said that since November 2013, those arrested conspired to distribute methamphetamines as part of a larger distribution operation. Operation La Flama Blanca consisted of authorities meeting with members in order to buy the drug multiple times to build a case. Police have obtained nine pounds of methamphetamines, $9,000 in funds, and fifteen firearms in connection with the investigation.

The investigation targeted the Aryan Brotherhood of Texas and also analyzed how members of the gang in prison affected the operations that occurred on the outside. The operation was intended to shut down the supply of methamphetamine specifically trafficked by the Aryan Brotherhood.

Depending on the amount of the drugs distributed, each of those indicted faces between five years and life in prison. Distribution of methamphetamine carries serious consequences in Texas. If you or a loved one are facing distribution charges, contact our drug defense attorneys as soon as possible.